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Our experts

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Hedi Samari

Hedi Samari is the founder and CEO of Samari Consulting Headhunters & Coaching. As an award-winning and versatile headhunter, he has over 12 years of experience in the recruitment industry, working across a diverse range of sectors and placing senior/director level candidates in internationally renowned companies. Born in London to Tunisian parents, he attended the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, before attending Royal Holloway University and Sorbonne Paris IV, where he studied History. He built his expertise in the international headhunting market during his career within leading recruitment agencies. Furthermore, he commenced exploring the African market when building and leading multiple North and West African divisions for regional headhunting agencies from 2012 onwards. Following his entrepreneurial spirit, and driven by his determination to become part of the Tunisian, and of course African, success story, he re-located to Tunis to set up Samari Consulting Headhunters & Coaching.

Sabine Bastisch

Following her passion for both the business world and for Arab culture, Sabine Bastisch studied International Management and Business Arabic in Germany, Tunisia and Jordan. After gaining her first work experience in multicultural teams within large organisations in Germany and Qatar, she returned to Tunis in 2015 and joined Samari Consulting to set up the company’s coaching division. She provides clients with exclusive and specifically tailored 1-on-1 coaching sessions and company group trainings, covering a variety of topics including communication skills, leadership and emotional intelligence. Through her open and encouraging mindset, she succeeds to make her clients not only acquire valuable soft skills, but also develop a new level of confidence. Her expertise in the fields of career development and soft skills also make her a highly requested speaker at events and conferences, and she is one of the pioneers of the development of Soft Skills Coaching in Tunisia.

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