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Charity and CSR

Since 2016, Samari Consulting regularly organises the Faiza Charity Cup, a charity football tournament for the benefit of schools in North West Tunsia.
Wholeheartedly, the Samari Consulting team loves football! We believe that football unites people, and that it is therefore a great way to reinforce team spirit amongst colleagues.

Children are our future – Samari Consulting aims to support the most vulnerable and youngest amongst us. We at Samari Consulting believe that education is the key to success and a brighter future for all of us, which is why we dedicate the Faiza Charity Cup to school children across underprivileged, rural areas in North West Tunisia.

From words to deeds – Thanks to our participants’ generous support during our last charity tournaments, we were able to raise funds that provided school supplies (books, backpacks, notepads, pens, etc.), footballs and skipping ropes, as well as gas to heat up a school during the cold months of winter.

Equality – At Samari Consulting, we believe in non-discrimination. This is why we are of course always happy to cheer on women’s football teams on the pitch!

We would love to see your team score some goals. And who knows, maybe you will even take home the golden cup? Contact us to book your corporate football team’s place in the next edition of the Faiza Charity Cup!


Not a big football fan, but you would still like to contribute? Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor the event and make a donation.

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