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Samari Consulting Headhunters & Coaching is a boutique agency, specialising in Executive Search/Headhunting and customised Corporate Coaching/Soft Skills Training, based in Tunis, Tunisia and working across Africa.


Since its foundation in 2015, Samari Consulting’s experts have served more than 200 clients in over 15 countries across Africa.
Samari Consulting completes all headhunting, coaching and consulting projects to the highest standards, with a customised approach for each individual client, which has made Samari Consulting one of the leading Headhunting and Soft Skills Coaching agencies across Africa.


At Samari Consulting, we believe in three core values:

We are proud to be African

We are Proudly African – Samari Consulting combines more than twenty years of international expertise with a refined multicultural background. Samari Consulting’s vast professional network reaches across all industries and sectors, as it convenes the very best talent from all across Africa.

Talent is our passion

Talent is our passion – Being based in North Africa, we strongly support the idea of Pan-African talent, up-and-coming economies and pioneer businesses. With our reach, we have access to all the bright minds who will bring success to your company.

We base our work on mutual trust

We base our work on mutual trust - Samari Consulting offers much more than just a mere service transaction. Through building a strong bond anchored in understanding and professional values, our key aim is to build long-lasting partnerships with both clients and candidates.

We are looking forward to becoming your reliable partner in Headhunting and Soft Skills Coaching!


Read more about our Founder & CEO, Mr. Hedi Samari and our Head of Coaching Division, Ms. Sabine Bastisch .

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