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Under Hedi Samari’s leadership (read his bio here), Samari Consulting’s Founder & CEO, our services take you beyond classic recruitment. Headhunting projects are developed and executed in close collaboration with the client, which enables an in-depth analysis of your needs and a highly customised approach.


We leverage our vast network and pool of highly qualified candidates from a multitude of countries, sectors and industries. From defining job descriptions through candidate sourcing and shortlisting all the way to interviews, contract negotiation and finalising the recruitment – our team focuses their efforts on creating an efficient and smooth experience for you.


Of course we also pride ourselves in a close post-recruitment follow-up to ensure a successful integration of the candidate into the new environment.

For companies
“We focus on finding the right person for the right job for the right company.”

Samari Consulting’s Headhunting experts have a flexible approach to your hiring needs, and will tailor their services to your requirements.
Our team specialises in executing targeted headhunting campaigns to find you the best profile for a mid-career to director level position within your organisation.


However, if you need to hire multiple candidates to grow your team, and if you also need to maximise your time in a specific location across Africa, we are experienced at organising dedicated recruitment days. This will allow you to meet pre-selected profiles, centralise your hiring efforts and benefit from Samari Consulting’s highly personalised services
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. Get in touch with Samari Consulting’s Headhunting experts to discuss your business needs

For candidates

Samari Consulting’s Headhunting experts will represent you during your hiring process from A to Z.


Advise, coach and support: Samari Consulting will accompany you and be your point of contact. Our Headhunting experts will closely and regularly follow up with you, even after you started your new position, in order to ensure a successful integration into your new professional environment.


All our current vacancies are posted in our jobs section.
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